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Trim your dog or cat in Montréal

Let our certified and experienced groomers trim your dog or cat in Montréal. Sensitive to their well-being, we offer our services in a calm, clean and safe environment. Thanks to our expertise and a gentle approach, we provide care for your companion without using a tranquilizer.

Complete grooming of your pet



Drying and brushing


Ear and eye washing

Cleaning of the face

Scissor cutting

Stylish cutting

We offer specific care to meet your dog's needs:

Facial treatment: ear cleaning, eye removal, gentle facial shampoo

Anti-mould treatment: three baths and complete care over three weeks

Freshness care

Benefits for you and your companion

You can also find in store a wide choice of fashion accessories and toys for your pet.

To make your life easier, take advantage of our transportation, daycare and pension services

Contact us to learn about our rates or to make an appointment. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and pamper your pet. Come and meet us and browse our shop.

Original creations in store

Be seduced by our Adidas clothing collection! Many accessories are available on site.

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